TOR'S for the Post of Quality Control (QC) Team

ToRs for Quality Controllers Teams

Main task;

Overall; the Quality Controller will serve as AJK-BoS monitoring representative in the field for AJK-MICS. In this capacity s/he will provide technical support to field team and surveillance of the field data collection in AJK by working closely with the field team, UNCIEF MICS consultant and focal person for MICS in AJK-BoS based in Muzaffarabad.

Specific tasks;

  1. Develop field monitoring plan for the entire sample PSUs of the designated regions.
  2. S/he will ensure that the data collection is being undertaken as per the field tour plan developed by the team prior to the start of the survey.
  3. S/he will ensure that the sample allocation plan and selection of primary sampling units (PSUs) is properly followed by the field team (supervisors and enumerators).
  4. S/he will inform the AJK-BoS about the problematic/inaccessible PSUs identified by the field supervisor so that further assistance could be sought from the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Islamabad for replacement.
  5. S/he will check the filled questionnaires on tabs and report the problems identified instantly to the respective supervisors, UMC and technical team for immediate actions. These issues could be related to understanding and clarity of concepts to use the tabs, performance of the tabs to cover all the skips patters and filter checks etc.
  6. S/he is expected to document field challenges and instantly report to the BoS for immediate action. These challenges could be related to household listing issues, CAPI related issue, content knowledge of the interviewers, anthropometry measurement, water quality test etc.
  7. S/he is expected to randomly check at least 10% of the total filled questionnaires in the tabs in each visited cluster for accuracy of data collected by the enumerators and hold combined session on daily basis with the visit team after close of the field day and document her/his daily observations.
  8. S/he is responsible to keep close eye on the supplies status with each visited team and provide a supply consumption report to the UMC and Project Director.
  9. S/he will perform any other tasks assigned by Project Director BoS for smoothly conducting the field survey in AJK.
  10. S/he is expected to submit progress report on fortnightly basis to AJK-BoS focal person.
  11. AJK-BoS will sign a contract with the quality controllers for four months for this purpose.
  12. In lieu of her/his services, AJK-BoS will pay PKR 3000 per day as stipend to the quality controller.