TOR'S for the Post of Team Supervisor (Male)/Observer (Female)/Interviewer (Male/Female)

The Supervisors will perform the following tasks:

  • Supervisors will mainly be responsible for logistics, field arrangements.
  • Ensuring presence of all field staff and coordinating the field work.
  • Supervisor will not be responsible to observe the interview with the enumerators.
  • However, s/he may observe any interview.
  • The supervisor is also supposed to be very clear about the questionnaire, use of tablet and other processes like selection of HH, respondent etc.
  • if any enumerator has some confusion s/he must provide support as required as and when any member contact the supervisor for guidance.
  • Will ensure the safety of team and Gadgets and safely hand over to the department on completion.
  • Daily basis uploads the data to the server.

The Interviewer will perform the following tasks:

  • Persuade and motivate the household for the interview and obtain his/her permission before conducting the interview.
  • Keep impartiality and neutrality during the whole session while conducting the interview.
  • Strictly avoid suggesting answers or putting words in the mouth of interviewee/respondent
  • Should not change the wording or sequence of the questions.
  • Deal shy and hesitant respondents with extra care and very tactfully.
  • Avoid creating any expectation regarding assistance based on/ related to the interviewee responses.
  • Extend full cooperation with team supervisor/field editor

The Observers will perform the following tasks:

  • Observers Mainly responsible to monitor the process of enumeration.
  • Each observer has to observe at least one interview of each enumerator in his team (four enumerators in total)
  • Not only provide his/her feedback but also guide the field teams on daily basis bout mistakes / errors and if anything is wrong with the process.
  • Observers will also be rotated, so that each observer is able to observe enumerators of different teams.
  • Observer will not interrupt the enumerator during interview.
  • Observer will ensure close coordination with Team supervisor.
  • Observer under the supervision of TS will brief the teams without mentioning any name about major problems in the data collection process.
  • Will update his feedback through table application on daily basis.