TOR'S for the Post of Field Supervisor ( (Multiple Indicators Cluster Survey (MICS) in AJ&K)

The supervisory team will perform following tasks:
 Get sample household lists and/or maps for each relevant cluster
 Discuss any critical problems/modification in any designated cluster
 Develop familiarity with the cluster make the best logistic and boarding arrangements for the field staff
 Approach local administration/authorities and brief them about the MICS survey plan in the area under their jurisdiction to seek their full support and immense cooperation during the task period
 Very carefully prepare the financial, logistic and boarding requirements to provide adequate facilitation to the field team
 Get all monetary advances, supplies and equipment necessary well in time for the team to complete its assigned task/interviews without time overrun
 Workout appropriate measures and their timely placement for keeping enumerators’ morale up along with sound mechanism for ensuring uninterrupted communication with the central office during the fieldwork
 Judiciously assign the work to enumerators considering their skill and linguistic competency to ensure equal workload as well as efficient delivery
 Skillfully maintain fieldwork control sheets and ensure that assignments are being undertaken professionally.
 Regularly forward the filled in questionnaires along with completed progress reports to the Regional Supervisor with an intimation to the MICS secretariat regarding his teams’ field location
 Promptly share any problems in field with the HQ or Regional Supervisor
 Take vehicle in his custody and ensure it/their best use only for project activities

 Strictly maintain questionnaires confidentiality by ensuring that the results of the interviews are not discussed among enumerators or with others
 Make concerted efforts for developing conducive team working environment and a positive team spirit through careful planning of field activities to ensure a quality MICS survey
 Perform any other duty/task as and when assigned by Project management