TOR'S for the Post of Senior Field Coordinator (Multiple Indicators Cluster Survey (MICS) in AJ&K)

The Senior Field Editor will perform the following tasks: 
• Lead the MICS filed exercises in AJK  for listing and survey teams
• Help in sound and careful planning of field activities for quality MICS survey
• Make all necessary arrangement to ensure timely availability of all prerequisites
• Organize the Listing and survey  teams to undertake MICS Survey as per agreement in the light of given parameters
• Coordinate vertically and horizontally for supporting the survey teams in terms of logistic and administration at headquarter and regional level 
• Help in Hiring/requisition of professionals staff for MICS in AJK 
• Organize Trainings for household listing and field staff for survey
• Ensure timely conducting and completion of field operation – household listing and field survey. 
• Ensure Data Management at all levels (regional & headquarter) for further action 
• Organize & conduct workshops & meetings (working Paper, venue, minutes etc)
• Sport the core team while data analyzing and thereafter, reviewing the preliminary findings and final reports for approval.
• Perform any other duty related to the MICS survey as and when assigned 
• Coordinate with administration and local authorities regarding MICS survey plan and do his/her level best to seek their support and cooperation in it. 
• Prepare financial, logistic and boarding requirements to provide adequate facilitation to the field team
• Coordinate in timely provision of  adequate resources - monetary advances, supplies and equipment - necessary for the filed team and its work
• Keep full liaison with all stakeholders – headquarter, regional and field teams  
• Perform any other duty/work as and when assigned by Project management